In the Republic of Malawi, located in Sub-Saharan Africa, the JICA Kusanone (Grassroots) Technical Cooperation Project "Improving Access and Quality of Pre-primary Education in Rural Malawi" is being implemented. The implementing period is from March 2023 to February 2026.


Access to pre-primary education in Malawi is very low: only about 48.7% of 3-5 year olds have access to pre-primary education (as of 2018). There are no caregiver training facilities. Therefore, to improve the quality of preschool education, the Ministry of Gender, Community, Disability, and Social Welfare and donors provide training to caregivers. However, only 47.3% of child care providers have received training (as of 2021).
In addition, the primary education net enrollment rate has reached 88%, but the retention and dropout rates are very high. The retention rate is 25% for all grades and 34% for grade 1 students. The dropout rate is 15% for all grades and 25% for grade 1 students.


To improve access to pre-primary education in the target area through grappling with quality improvement



  1. The practical book for caregivers is developed and utilized.
  2. The district officers acquire skills for training caregivers and teachers. The district officers train caregivers and teachers.
  3. The monitoring system in the district office is enhanced.
  4. The enlightenment activities for pre-primary education among local people are implemented.

Activity report



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